Top 10 Agritech Startups in India Helping Farmers in 2023

India still has a fantastic position in global agriculture despite having faced so many challenges. Numerous agritech startups have been established in India to improve the situation of Indian farmers, agriculture, and related industries. Below are some of the Top 10 agritech startups in India Aiding Farmers.

What Is an Agritech Startup?

Agri tech startups, also called agricultural technology startup, refers to the technological developments in agriculture to increase productivity and yield efficiently and profitably. Agritech companies uses technology for faster crop planting, modifying crops so that they can be grown in different environments without getting affected, harvesting, etc.

1. Agribond aims to solve these issues with its multiple verticals. This agritech startup helps farmers by providing right time solution from agri experts on how to manage crops and increase their yields. Also different activity like Krushi Prashnottari, Krushi Mahitee, Puchho Prashna and Khedut Taleem helps farmers to increase their yields and income. They are confident that our efforts will bring prosperity and social respect in farmer’s lives.

2. AgriBegri  Incorporated in the year 2016 is a platform, where sellers can advertise to promote and sell their agriculture input products, thus we act as a bridge between sellers and buyers for agricultural input products. They provide guaranteed markets best price and customer support with Free Home Delivery throughout India.

3. AgroStar offers an online marketplace for farmers to buy agricultural inputs. This agritech startup also helps farmers by providing real-time advice from experts on how to manage their crops and boost their yield.

4. BigHaat is an online forum where farmers may exchange information and learn about all aspects of agriculture. This organisation offers a wide range of goods and services, including consulting services for farming and crop nutrition.

5. BharatAgri located in Pune, wants to educate farmers digitally to assist them in advancing their farming methods. The BharatAgri firm offers advice on soil analysis, pesticide knowledge, and key weather. They do cost analyses on an ongoing basis to guarantee the highest production yields.

6. DeHaat  is a digital platform that connects farmers to sellers and buyers. An online marketplace is available for farmers to benefit from various agricultural services and products. The goal is to empower farmers via whatsoever means possible to maximize their productivity, profitability, and overall livelihood.

7. Grow Indigo is a joint initiative of Mahyco Grow and Indigo Ag established in 2017. Combining the technological innovation of the two market leaders we will help maximize farmers benefits. There primary objective is to tackle the challenges farmers face every day and assist them to improve their yields, generate more revenue and implement sustainable farming practices.

8. KhetiGaadi is situated in Pune and is developing an online platform. The ‘full-service Agri solution’ guarantees end-to-end servicing. On its online platform, KhetiGaadi connects thousands of farmers.

9. Unimart is working with farmers through company owned and franchise owned centres to cater agri-input products and solutions – soil testing, water conservation & soil wellness, weather information, agronomic advices, modern spray mechanization services, product marketing, post- harvest solutions and farmer training etc.

10. Univia is an advanced AgriTech company that provides 360* degree Agronomy solutions to our farmers. Univia offers a real-time user-friendly app and personalized solutions to our Kisan right from soil inspection until produce sales. Univia Doctors provide consultation to farmers with a comprehensive inspection of soil, water, weather, right Agri Inputs, which drastically improves their production and income.